Construction Aerials

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Aerial photography of construction projects is an invaluable resource for project managers, engineers, lenders and subcontractors, as well as for the property owners. There is no better way for a construction team to monitor the full scope of what is happening on a construction site. The entire project can be seen, from all angles, and close-in detail shots will provide even more in-depth insight into the progress of specific areas of construction.

At Squire Haskins Photography, we only cover construction projects in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. This allows us to be flexible about the exact date and time of photo flights in order to take advantage of the best visibility at your project site, and still meet deadlines. We are not locked into a day that we have to shoot, regardless of weather conditions. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest quality images, month by month. We are also able to respond at short notice when clients need additional, unscheduled photographs of their project to illustrate a particular phase, or if there is an unexpected problem during construction.

Squire Haskins Aerial Photography: Construction Progress Aerial Photographs, Lakeside offices, Texas

We are dedicated to providing the construction industry with the highest quality photographic information possible. Our goal is to meet and exceed your needs and do so in a timely manner, all for a reasonable price.

All construction aerial projects are bid by the job, considering the specific needs and demands of each project.  Please e-mail squireh@swbell.net, or call 214-827-8440 to discuss your next project with us.