Custom Aerials

Custom Aerials make a great business tool!

Custom flown aerial photography has impact! It gives a broad, overall view, in a way that ground photography cannot do. Aerial pictures will help you present the complete story, providing context to the exterior and interior shots, and textual descriptions in company reports, proposals, and sales & marketing materials.

Since 1947, Squire Haskins Photography has worked closely with companies in all facets of the real estate and construction industry.  We have learned to evolve with the different markets, economic shifts, changing needs of our clients, and the technological developments in photographic image capture and processing.

We use the latest in digital equipment and technology to produce each and every project, resulting in the best possible images for you, the client.

Squire Haskins Aerial Photography: Low level aerials vs high level
A low level aerial shows the detail of an office building, including landscaping, parking structures and access to the building.
A higher level aerial shows how the same office building fits into a certain market, including other businesses nearby, and traffic routes leading to and from the property.
Squire Haskins Aerial Photography: Property low and high level
At low level, the entire layout of a multi-family property can be shown, including pools, landscaping and other amenities.
By using higher level aerials, you can show access routes to the property, as well as local shopping centers, schools and commerce centers.
Squire Haskins Aerial Photography: Retail property low and high level
Close-in views of a retail center details the size of the property, the buildings, the type and amount of parking available and shows traffic at the shopping center.
Higher level views of the same retail center show access routes to the property as well as the traffic flow in the overall area. They also define its position relative to other business in the area.
Squire Haskins Aerial Photography: Land evaluation
High level oblique aerials can be used to show the value and relevance of a large section of land.