Exteriors & Interiors

Diversity is an important characteristic of our work, and a major factor in the success of Squire Haskins Photography over the last 50 years. We continue to be a full service photography company dedicated to the real estate and construction industries. Our goal is to offer our clients a complete range of imaging services to support their marketing and property promotion requirements. 

Squire Haskins Photography: Building Exteriors

In addition to our aerial photography, Squire Haskins also offers exterior and interior photography of your property. With our extensive experience, we can capture interesting and attractive building portraits to help you tell the story of your asset. Wide-angle, overall exteriors will show off the design and structure of the building, while detailed, creative close-up views illustrate the character and concept of the architecture.  Carefully framed interior shots can capture the essential quality and beauty of the build-out in a property.  By combining attention to detail with an eye for creative angles, we will help you to show the complete scope, and bring out the best in a property.

Squire Haskins Photography: Interiors

For sales and marketing professionals of the real estate and construction industries, our photography will provide a compelling picture of your properties to prospective buyers, owners, leasing agents and financial institutions.

The team at Squire Haskins Photography has many years of experience in providing the best in photographic services. Now offering the latest in digital imaging technology, we can help you get the most out of your photographs, through digital design edits and enhancements.

Squire Haskins Photography: Exteriors

For aerial photography, exterior and interior images, or any combination, Squire Haskins Photography will do what it takes to meet your needs and expectations!

All of our photography work is priced to fit the needs of each project.  Please e-mail us at squireh@swbell.net, or call 214-827-8440 to discuss your next project.