Stock Aerials

Our collection of stock aerial photographs consists of high altitude images, generally shot from an altitude of 6500’ MSL, which show major roadways and access to and from market areas, as well as many images shot from lower altitudes to show more detail of a market area.  The stock library contains images from the year 2000 to present.

Squire Haskins Photography Current Stock Collection: examples show from left to right: Centre Port Industrial, TX; Platinum Corridor & Dallas North Tollway, TX; and Dallas Central Business / Uptown / Arts District, TX

Examples from our current stock photography collection. From left to right: Centre Port Industrial; Platinum Corridor / Dallas North Tollway; and Dallas CBD/Uptown/Arts District

Stock aerials are a great way to compliment a report or proposal, especially in a short time frame. There is no better way to define a property within its market, than an aerial photograph overview.

All our images are available in print or digital format and can be delivered on CD, or download from our FTP site.

Please send your inquiries to squireh@swbell.net or call 214-827-8440 for a prompt response.

Squire Haskins Historical Collection

Squire Haskins Historical Collection covers the early years of taking aerial photographs around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in the late 1940’s.  After only a short time, it became evident that as the area grew and changed with time,  the information provided with aerial images was very useful to anyone involved in the commercial real estate business. Over the years, a very large library of images was collected, and this allowed anyone interested in a particular property the opportunity to find existing images that could be made available on short notice, allowing them to get an image into a proposal or report in a very timely manner.

Squire Haskins Aerial Photography: Historical Stock Photographs examples from left to right: Crowd scene on Akard Street in downtown Dallas, TX; View of the Dallas, TX skyline from the Commerce Street Bridge; and the Triple Underpass in 1949, Dallas, Texas

Examples of Squire Haskins early photography. From left to right: Crowd scene on Akard Street in downtown Dallas; View of the Dallas skyline from the Commerce Street Bridge; and the Triple Underpass in 1949. These images appear with permission from the Special Collections of the U.T. Arlington Library.

When Ben and Glenda Haskins retired, they donated thousands of images that span a 50 year period, up to the year 2000.  All of these images are available from the University of Texas at Arlington, in Arlington, Texas. This is an incredible photographic history of the DFW metroplex which includes aerials and all other types of photo imagery.

The UTA Library can be contacted by phone:  1-817-272-7512, or their website: www.uta.edu/library